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Select Community Conversations About Race

New York

What Does Jewish Look Like?: Racial and Ethinic Diversity in the Jewish Community / MLK DAY, 2016
We are excited to share a discussion guide "What Does Jewish Look Like?: Racial and Ethinic Diversity in the Jewish Community" that Be'chol Lashon created for the Repair the World MLK Weekend.

Racial and Ethnic Diversity: We Talk the Talk, Now Let's Walk the Walk / June 13, 2014
Be'chol Lashon was delighted to partner with UJA/Federation New York on a seminal day of learning, reflection, and skill building to help make institutions more culturally competent and welcoming. The day explored the personal experiences of members from different racial and ethnic backgrounds, in-depth discussion with those in the field implementing engagement efforts, and professional skill building in culturally competent Jewish communal behavior.

San Francisco

NorCal Consortium of Jewish Day School Professionals / March 7, 2016
Be'chol Lashon recently facilitated a day-long discussion around identity for the NorCal Consortium of Jewish Day Schools. Here are the highlights from our simultaneous Twitter conversation at #JewsTalkRace. We've also included links to many of the resources we recommended for further discussion.

Race & Privilege in the Jewish Community: Reflections, Explorations and Actions / May 20, 2015
was a wide-ranching community collaboration in San Francisco with the Haas Fund, Jewish Community Federation, and the Jewish Community Center of San Francisco.

Navigating Differences, Embracing Inclusion: Opening the Tent Even Wider / February 23, 2013
Combining the expertise of Be'chol Lashon, InterfaithFamily, Keshet and JewishLearningWorks to help create awareness of diverse voices, thought and practice. With a focus on terminology, assumptions about who-is-a-Jew, and diverse family structures, this series for synagogue professionals unpacked some of the dynamics we witness in Jewish communal settings.

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