Be'chol Lashon Podcast

Gates of Healing:
The Abayudaya Health and Economic Development Project

The Abayudaya, a growing community of over 1,000 Jews established in 1919 in Uganda, is thriving under the visionary leadership of Rabbi Gershom Sizomu. In partnership with the Abayudaya, Be’chol Lashon is making a significant contribution to the health and well being of not only the Abayudaya but to the larger community as well by spearheading a Heath and Economic Development Project including providing clean water, distributing mosquito nets, and building a Health Center.

To raise the standard of living, women join micro-credit groups from which they can draw funds that finance ventures such as the Be’chol Lashon bead-making project. Anyone can participate in these projects, regardless of spiritual affiliation. This helps to bridge the divide between religions and increases the economic viability of the broader population. Improved healthcare and community development provided by the Jews of Uganda to their Christian and Muslim neighbors fosters good will and cooperation among the communities.

Support the Abayudaya by visiting the crafts section of the Be'chol Lashon Gift Catalog.

In addition, you can invite Rabbi Gershom Sizomu, leader of the Abayudaya and a candidate for parliament, to visit your community. Click here to learn more.

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