Be'chol Lashon

Be’chol Lashon






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Sweet Rice (SAKAR BHAT)


Courtesy of Noreen Daniel,


This delicacy is made to celebrate any good occasion. The Bene Israel make it specially to serve during the Mehendi Dinner (one day before the marriage) with dry potato vegetable.


METHOD: Wash the rice twice and let it stand. In a big pot (non-stick preferred) add one big spoon of ghee using medium heat. Add cloves & cinnamons. When it starts cracking add rice. Fry it well. Add 4 cups of water (twice the quantity of rice) & salt to taste. Cook the rice with slightly open lid till the grains are separate & not sticking to each other. Remove the rice from the pot and spread it in a big dish.

Put on a medium flame another pot with a thick bottom. Heat 2 cups of water. Add sugar and keep stirring. When the solution becomes thick and sticky, add dissolved saffron and mix well. Then add all the rice from the flat plate and stir well. Cover the pot with a lid and reduce to minimum heat. Cook till grains look separate. Add cardamom powder, almond slices & raisins and stir the rice. Add a little ghee from all sides and cover the pot. Close the heat after 5 minutes. Before serving fill warm rice in a small stainless steel bow & when cool invert the bowl in each small plate. :



Long grain Basmati rice               2 cups

Sugar                                       3 cups

Ghee                                        cup

Salt                                         1 teaspoon

Cloves                                     8-10

Cinnamon sticks                        5-7 small pieces

Golden Raisins                          100 gms

Cardamoms                              5-7 crushed

Saffron strands                         5 gms soaked in water

Almonds                                 10-12 soaked, skinned and sliced thin.

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