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Be’chol Lashon






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Halva for Rosh Hashanah


Courtesy of Noreen Daniel,


It is customary to distribute Halva to relatives and friends during Rosh Hashanah especially on the eve of Rosh Hashanah and the first morning of Rosh Hashanah.



Use a big nonstick pot with a wooden ladle. Empty the coconut milk into the pot and dilute each can with twice the amount of water. Add corn flour, sugar and soaked china grass. Mix it thoroughly and then place on the stove with medium heat. Stir the mixture constantly as it gradually thickens. Be careful not to allow any lumps to form. Add water if necessary. After 1½ hour the mixture will stop sticking to the sides if a non-stick pot has been used. Now pour a spoonful of the mixture on a plate and leave it to cool. If the halva comes off it is cooked. Otherwise continue heating and stirring for another ½ hour adding little water if necessaty. Add ground cardamoms and saffron, and some of the almonds& pistachios into the mixture. Stir it well and stop the heating. Pour this halva while hot into big dishes about 1 inch thick and leave it to cool. Sprinkle poppy seeds, almonds, pistachios and raisins. When cold, cut into square or diamond shaped pieces and serve.


Cornflour-900 gms

Coconut milk                             4 tins or milk from the kernel of 3 coconuts ground in a mixer

China grass (Agar Agar)               400 gms or 4 packets soaked in water

Sugar                                       450 gms or more if needed as per taste

Cardamom                                10 gms

Almonds                                  100 gms soaked in water, peeled and cut into thin slices

Pistachio                                  100 gms soaked in water, peeled and cut into thin slices

Poppy seeds                              50 gms

Raisins                                      200 gms

Saffron                                      5 gms

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