Erika Davis

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Summerville/North Area Jewish Community

Kahal Kadosh Beth Elohim

Real People, Real Stories

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Patrick Labbe

We have a very diverse Jewish group in Summerville SC (outside of Charleston). Our group includes Filapinos, Hispanics, Chines, African Americans, European Americans etc. Our Chavurah is associated with the reform Temple in Charleston but is autonomous from the leadership of the Temple. I personally "came" to Judaism when I discovered Jewish roots. I was born to a Jewish father and Catholic mother. My father never married my mother and my mother gave me up for adoption in infancy (she was 15 years old and that was in 1957). I was raised by wonderful adoptive parents as Catholic. Later in life I connected with my mother and heard the "rest of the story". This began a multi-year search for identity. I made a formal conversion to Judaism and have never looked back. The two Filapino boys in the photo are my sons Alvizar and Sergz.