100th Anniversary Celebration


Congratulations to Rabbi Romiel Daniel and the Indian Jewish Congregation of USA on the 100th anniversary of the Magen Aboth Synagogue!


The Magen Aboth Synagogue in Alibag, Konkan India will be celebrating its 100th anniversary on Sunday, December 26th 2010. This is one of the two synagogues still functioning in the Konkan It is source of pride that the Bene Israel Community in India has maintained its culture and heritage.


Magen Aboth Synagogue was the first Synagogue to be established in the District of Kolaba (now Raigad) in 1840. The present building of this Synagogue was built in 1910. The 93rd anniversary of this Synagogue was celebrated on December 28, 2003 to mark the completion of the renovation of hte Synagogue building. To read more about the history, click here.


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