August 2010

We are delighted to update you on the progress of the Abayudaya Community Health and Development Project.


Health Center Open for Business


The Tobin Health Centre is open for business and even had patients before the grand opening ceremony. You can see from the video on the website what a spectacular event it was. The medical staff is headed by Dr. Denis Bwayo and Masaba Baniru is the clinical officer who manages day-to-day patient care.

The nursing staff consists of Doreen Nabukonde, who is the Head Nurse; Aisha Atika; and Aisha Nakayomba, the nursing assistant. Our laboratory is run by Bernard Wanjala and his assistant Sarah Namalemba. The staff are enthusiastic and motivated, and look forward to creating a high-quality facility. Now that the launch celebration is over, we have rolled up our sleeves and are now in the stage of gathering equipment, hiring more staff and getting more patients.

In my experience, this growth phase is the most exciting period, and the system we put into place now will allow for a strong and productive health center, one we can all be proud of. As we grow and expand, I will keep you all up to date on the latest details. Thank you for your tremendous support.


Dr. Spira

Members of the Tobin Health Center are joining medical professionals everywhere to combat malaria. Learn more about a recent breakthrough here.

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