August 2008

We are delighted to update you on the progress of the Abayudaya Community Health and Development Project.

Mosquito Net Distribution in
Nasenyi, Nabugoye, and Namonyonyi

The large attendance to buy mosquito nets in April, June and July and the positive response by the villagers confirmed that this project is vital for health of the community. Nasenyi is located along the Namatala River surrounded by swamps and wetlands, a prime contributor to the breeding of mosquitoes. The net distribution was timed in April in advance of the summer rains.


The net distributions provide an opportunity for the Village Health Workers to educate the community about preventing malaria and other diseases. One mother who was pregnant said, “I lost my first born to malaria… thank you so much for saving my life and that of my child.” The villagers are enthusiastic about additional health programs, as the government has done little to provide basic services. The plan underway to build the Sha’arei Rufah Health Center is important to address the lack of health care in the region.


At the net distribution in Nabugoye in June the district health officer stated,

“I have been in office for over 12 years, working with different NGOs, but I have never seen one with services like the Abayudaya, providing education to over 400 orphans, providing safe water to the community, distributing treated mosquito nets, and introducing a health insurance program to reduce the community’s worry for treatment bills. The Abayudaya community is an example to the whole Namanyonyi sub-county. ... I promise to help the Abayudaya health communities’ strategic plan and make save they are supported.”

As a minority in the region, the net distributions also provide an opportunity for the Abayudaya to strengthen their status in the community, providing increased security for the Jews. Dr. Wamani informed the villagers that the Abayudaya community was responsible for distributing the nets, demonstrating their concern for the health of the entire community. On behalf of the Nasenyi villagers, a local leader then thanked the Abayudaya leaders for their efforts in improving everyone’s health, "It is a sign of a special care for us yet we have been regarding them killers of our lord.” Dr. Wamani told the crowd, “Let the mosquito nets bridge the gaps so that we look at each other as brothers and sisters.”



Abayudaya Samson

Abayudaya Nangolo Well Completed

Abayudaya Nangolo Well Completed

Abayudaya Nangolo Well Completed

Abayudaya Nangolo Well Completed