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Be’chol Lashon


The New Abayudaya Stern Synagogue

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As the Abayudaya Jewish community has grown and thrived under the leadership of Rabbi Gershom Sizomu, the community is struggling to accommodate all who wanted to participate in Jewish communal life. The need for a new place of worship became clear.

Be'chol Lashon and the leadership of the Abayudaya launched a capital project for a new synagogue and community center as part of the Community Health & Development Plan that successfully drilled wells for clean accessible water, distributed mosquito nets to all villagers, constructed the Abayudaya Guest House and Tobin Health Center over the last decade.

The new synogague is becoming a reality with the generous help of Sue and Ralph Stern, originally from South Africa, Jill and Steve Edwards, and other donors.

We were honored that architect, Joshua Yoches of award-winning Schwartz & Architecture in San Francisco contributed an inspired design, in addition to staying on as part of the team, managed by Danielle Meshorer, including engineer Mayende and the Whirock construction crew on the ground in Uganda.

The distinctive architectural design of the new synagogue features abundant light and passive cooling. The roof is designed for optimal rainwater catchment stored in aboveground and underground tanks. Some members of the community refer to it as the "Flying Synagogue," given the unique design of the roof.

The new facility will not only serve as a home for religious worship, education, lifecycle events, it will also provide childcare and health and social services to benefit the entire community. Improved community services are not only vital to the health and well-being of the Abayudaya Jews and their Christian and Muslim neighbors, they also help promote peaceful co-existence and combat anti-Semitism.

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