Be'chol Lashon

Be’chol Lashon


Bay Area Be'chol Lashon International Think Tank

The Bay Area Be'chol Lashon International Think Tank is an invitation-only conference for leaders of Jewish communities around the world: Africa, Asia, Latin America, Australia, Europe, Israel & the United States. The Think Tank is a lively forum for conversation, creative thinking, and developing new approaches to communal growth.

Many Jewish communities exist in isolation, separated from one another by history, geography, knowledge, culture and experience. The Think Tank allows for the exchange of information, projects (planned or envisioned), and the opportunity to develop networks and groups that work together throughout the year.

Every year is different but common themes include:
 • How do we redefine who is a Jew?  
 • How do we enrich Judaism by embracing our ethnicity, culture,  and identity?  
 • How do we respond to spiritual seekers who are interested in converting to Judaism?  
 • How do we nurture and grow established and emerging Jewish communities around the world?

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