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The Be'chol Lashon NY Network is a program that ensures that racially, ethnically and culturally diverse leaders who are engaged in meaningful projects in the Jewish community are able to effectively complete the work they set out to do, as well as navigate mainstream Jewish organizational life. The Network functions as an incubator for Jewish innovation, providing technical assistance to help leaders meet their strategic goals. The participants are individual thought and cultural leaders with a wide sphere of influence, or leaders of communities, organizations or initiatives. The leaders are of all ages and backgrounds and live throughout the NY metropolitan area. Although the leaders we work with differ vastly in terms of who they work with and how they work we have found our process to be highly effective in providing each leader with institutional support and helping them build capacity.

    The three guiding principles of the leadership network are:

          • To improve the work of the individual leaders
          • To connect the leaders to each other, and
          • To connect the leaders to the larger community.

We work in partnership with UJA-Federation NY and the Commission on the Jewish People (COJP) to strengthen ties among diverse elements of the New York Jewish community, with particular attention to bridging various differences within New York Jewry. COJP's goal is to develop experiences which foster a shared sense of belonging and commitment to the diverse Jewish collective, in New York, Israel and around the world through exploration of our common history, Jewish values and shared destiny.

The Need

The primary findings of the Study of Ethnic and Racial Diversity of the Jewish Population of the United States were that there are significant numbers of ethnically, racially and culturally diverse Jews living in the United States and that they tended to feel isolated. Be'chol Lashon was founded as a response to these findings and to ensure that the needs of these communities were being met, including connecting them to Jewish life. In 2012, UJA Federation of NY released the Jewish Community Study of New York: 2011 which indicated that in the NY area "over 400,000 Jews are living in diverse Jewish households, approximating or exceeding the total Jewish population of any one country in the world, excepting the United States and Israel."

This study confirmed IJCR's earlier findings and the need to make sure that diverse communities are connected to the larger Jewish community. What Be'chol Lashon has found in over a decade of work is that the various organizations and communities of diverse individuals cannot thrive without strong and effective leadership. Therefore we have been working closely with diverse leaders since our founding to make sure that they are receiving organizational and capacity building support, and are effectively networked with each other and larger Jewish organizations.

In the summer of 2012 we brought this work to the NY area by launching the Be'chol Lashon New York Network with the generous support of UJA-Federation of New York. The goal of this initiative was to strengthen Jewish peoplehood by functioning as an incubator for collaborative and innovative programs in addition to networking leaders to each other so they can function as a brain trust to work through communal challenges.


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