Be'chol Lashon Newsletter: November 2016
Trevor Noah: Let's Not Be Divided. Divided People Are Easier to Rule.
Trevor Noah, The New York Times, December 5, 2016

"I grew up under the harsh racial oppression of apartheid as a person of mixed ethnicity. The lines between black and white were clearly drawn and enforced with guns and tanks, but because I am neither black nor white, I was forced to live between those lines. I was forced to communicate across those lines. I was forced to learn how to approach people, and problems, with nuance. If I hadn't, I wouldn't have survived.

The Chosen Ones: An Interview With Andres Levin
Periel Aschenbrand, Tablet: The Scroll, December 2, 2016

The Grammy Award-winning producer, filmmaker, and philanthropist on his family's escape to Buenos Aires from Berlin in the 1930s, and splitting time between New York City and Havana

Say It Loud: Two New Books Look Back at Black Power
Rembert Browne, The New York Times, November 25, 2016

Two New Books Look Back at Black Power Even though some people have shunned the comparison, Black Lives Matter is our Black Power, a purposefully polarizing phrase meant to inspire hope and strength in a dire time of helplessness.

My Black Brother Deserves What I Have
Dahlia Spinrad, MyJewishLearning: Jewish&, December 6, 2016

Multiracial families have to contend with the complexity that not everyone in the family has the same experience. For Dahlia Spinrad, it is a call action:

Just Your Typical Egyptian Mexican American Jew
Aaron Isaac Asher Breceda, MyJewishLearning: Jewish&, December 1, 2016

Like many others raised in a non-religious household, by the time I was an adult, the only associations I had with Judaism were my grandparent's food and language: Molokheya and Judeo-Arabic. What could be more Jewish than that?

With the Caribbean as their ritual bath, Colombian converts flow to Judaism
Rich Tenorio, The Times of Israel, September 18, 2016

Rabbi Juan Mejia sees himself having "a role as an educator for the increasing [number of] people in Latin America opting for Judaism."

Latino Jews Respond to Trump
 MaNishtana, Tablet, December 6, 2016

If ever there was an example of the power of water to cleanse, purify, sanctify and heal, this unique Jewish community, living side-by-side its Christian and Muslim neighbors, all sharing from the same fountain of life, is that example.

See the First Page of World of Wakanda from Roxane Gay, Ta-Nehisi Coates & Alitha Martinez
Cameron Wade, Paste, October 13, 2016

Bad Feminist writer Roxane Gay made news in comics over the summer when it was announced that she and Black Panther writer Ta-Nehisi Coates would be collaborating on a new Black Panther title called World of Wakanda, making Gay the first black woman to write for Marvel in the publisher's entire history.

Interview: Julian Voloj
Rachel Pinnelas, Jewish Book Council: The Prosen People, December 17, 2015

Julian Voloj: My background is in photography, and I have always loved graphic novels. I did a series on Jewish diversity, so every time I found an interesting personality in New York, I always try to photograph the person. I read a profile of Melendez in Tablet: he's a marrano Jew who was with a gang in New York. I was very interested in meeting him, so I asked the journalist to put me in touch.

Multiracial Family Man
Alex Barnett, Broadway Comedy Club, NY, January 12, 2017

Alex Barnett, has a FREE new podcast, Multiracial Family Man, which is available on his website. Click HERE for the schedule of upcoming comedy shows. For more information about booking Alex in your community, contact the Be'chol Lashon Speakers Bureau:

Renowned Chef and Historian Coming to Cleveland Dec. 1
Chris Mosby, December 1, 2016

Michael Twitty will examine the emerging topic of culinary justice - the idea that oppressed people have a right to their own food pathways. For more information about booking Michael in your community, contact the Be'chol Lashon Speakers Bureau:

Banned in Brooklyn: The Judaic Journey of Nappy Hair from Washington, DC to NYC
 New York Public Library, December 15, 2016

Carolivia Herron 's children's book, Nappy Hair, which caused a major national controversy on diversity education in 1998, was published while Carolivia was rediscovering and affirming her Jewish identity. For more information about booking Carolivia in your community, contact the Be'chol Lashon Speakers Bureau:

SIGD 7th Annual
 Town & Village Synagogue, New York, December 16, 2016

New York: 7th Annual Chassida Shmella Sigd Celebration December 16, 2016 - Congragation Ohav Shalom December 18, 2016 - American Jewish Historical Society

Pop-Up Jewish Marin Fun for all - with a side of Jewish
 The Center Atrium at Northgate Mall, San Rafael, December 4, 2016

Meet us at Northgate for a pop-up with the Osher Marin JCC and Be'chol Lashon for some pre-Hanukkah fun! FREE.

Hanukkah Art and Service Fair
 JCC East Bay, Berkeley, December 11, 2016

Join Be'chol Lashon at the East Bay JCCs first annual Hanukkah Art and Service Fair. Celebrate, learn, eat and laugh in preparation for this year's Festival of Lights.

Jewish Book Festival in Vancouver: Investigating Jewish-Asian identity
 Jewish Community Centre of Greater Vancouver, Vancouver, Canada, November 27, 2016 – December 1, 2016

What does it mean to be JewAsian? In challenging dominant narratives of intermarriage, sociologists and married Jewish-Asian couple Helen Kiyoung Kim and Noah Samuel Leavitt explore the ways in which they, their children and many Jewish-Asian Americans navigate this crossroads of race, religion and ethnicity.

Evening of Mizrahi Commemoration and Culture
 San Francisco Public Library, Jimena, November 30, 2016

In honor of Israel's 3rd annual day of commemoration to honor Jewish refugees from the Middle East and North Africa, JIMENA, The Israeli Consulate of the Pacific Northwest in San Francisco and the SF Public Library invite you to an evening to commemorate Mizrahi Jewish refugees and to celebrate Iraqi Jewish culture.

Book Launch- Torah Told Different: Stories for a Pan/Poly/Post-Denominational World
 Fromm Hall - FR 125 - Maraschi Room, University of San Francisco, November 29, 2016

NEXT TUESDAY! Book launch for "Torah Told Different: Stories for a Pan/Poly/Post-Denominational World"

Book Launch: Torah Told Different: Stories for a Pan/Poly/Post-Denominational World
 Congragation Sha'ar Zahav, San Francisco, Book, December 18, 2016

Torah Told Different reinvents Jewish history, as well as his own family, the Talmud, and the Hebrew Bible, adding excerpts from texts by some of our ancient women sages, inviting you to ask yourself, "What does it mean to be a Jew in the twenty-first century?