Be'chol Lashon Newsletter: August 2016 Newsletter
NEW! Be'chol Lashon & InterfaithFamily FALL RETREAT
 October 28-30 2016, Walker Creek Ranch, Petaluma, CA

Grappling with race, intermarriage and LGBT inclusion in Jewish life? This is a great opportunity to participate in interactive workshops with experts Rabbi Mychal Copeland, author of Struggling in Good Faith, Helen Kim and Noah Leavitt, authors of JewAsian, Joshua Silverstein, multiracial comedic actor and, author of Tell Me I'm Pretty, HUC rabbinic student, Isaama Stoll and much more! Early bird discount code: BL10

NEW BLOG: #BlackLivesMatter: The Right vs Wrong Side of History
Marcella White Campbell, MyJewishLearning: Jewish&, August 19, 2016

I don't have to agree with every element of the Movement For Black Lives' platform to advocate loudly and wholeheartedly for racial justice, any more than, fifty years ago, I would have had to agree with Martin Luther King, Stokely Carmichael, and Elijah Muhammad to support full citizenship for black Americans. Discussion and dissent have always been an essential part of social change.

Beyond the Color Line: Jews, Blacks, and the American Racial Imagination
Jennifer Young, In Geveb, June 21, 2016

Jennifer Young examines the historical relationships between Blacks and Jews. She writes "Just as [W.E.B.] Du Bois used the Jewish experience to rethink the problem of the color line, American Jews used their encounters with blacks as a way to understand their own position as a minority, particularly as immigrant Jews began to prosper economically and to experience the benefits that whiteness conferred."

The Stages of Being Biracial
Shannon Luders-Manuel, Multiracial Media, August 3, 2016

Age 3: I call all the black bus drivers Daddy. My dad isn't a bus driver, but his name is Daddy and he's black and smiles and waves hello. All black men who smile and wave and say hello must also be named Daddy.

Jews to blacks: Thank you
Jeffery Salkin, Religion News Service, August 16, 2016

It was the civil rights movement that gave American Jews the courage - to be themselves as American Jews. American blacks were the first ethnic group to actually question and protest the dominant WASP identity of America.

An African American Jew Journeys to Orthodoxy
Yasminah Respes, MyJewishLearning: Jewish&, July 8, 2016

Both sides of my family came to Judaism from Christianity. My paternal grandfather began to learn more about Judaism after he already had children. He went to a Jewish book store and since there wasn't a Rabbi at the time who was willing to teach him, he taught himself through books.

Camp Rabbi, Role Model, Match-Maker
Team Be'chol Lashon, MyJewishLearning: Jewish&, July 27, 2016

Rabbinic student Isaama Stoll is visited Camp Be'chol Lashon to teach Torah, pray and hang with other Jews of Color. We caught up with this dynamic leader on the rise to find out more about her journey to the rabbinate, being a role model and her match-making hobby.

Snapchat's Top Rabbi
Team Be'chol Lashon, MyJewishLearning: Jewish&, August 11, 2016

Meet the rabbi taking Snapchat by storm! By the way she is a vegan too!

7 things to know about the Jews of Brazil
Marcus Moraes, Jew Telegrphic Agency, August 2, 2016

The three top officials of the Rio 2016 Organizing Committee, including its president, Carlos Arthur Nuzman, are Members of the Tribe. But what about the remaining 120,000 or so Jews who call Brazil home? Who exactly are they? Here's what you need to know.

Marriage Among Jewish Israelis of Mixed Ethnicity on the Rise
Jordana Skurka, The Canadian Jewish News, July 19, 2016

In the late '70s, mixed marriages accounted for only five per cent of all marriages between Israelis. Today, research shows that Israeli marriages of mixed ethnicity are more frequent, with one in five young Jewish Israelis born to mixed parents.

Emerson Swift Mahon: A Canadian Jew
Erian Harris, Jews of Colour Canada, July 22, 2016

His skin colour alone made him stand out at any gathering and there was hardly a Jewish person in Winnipeg who did not know him by sight.

Jewish Music with A Caribbean Flair
Rabbi Juan Mejia, MyJewishLearning: Jewish&, July 18, 2016

Chavurat Nahariyah is an exciting group of young families in the Caribbean city of Barranquilla in my native Colombia.

Jewish and Asian: Intermarriages that yield Jewish kids
Lauren Markoe, Religion News Service, July 8, 2016

Noah Leavitt and Helen Kiyong Kim's marriage is one of an increasing number of Jewish-Asian pairings in the U.S., a trend evident in many American synagogues. The two Whitman College professors have just released the first book-length study of Jewish-Asian couples and their offspring.

Vote for Michael Twitty's Blog: Afroculinaria
Staff, Saveur, August 2016

Michael W. Twitty is nominated for Saveur's Food & Culture Award -- and he needs your help. Vote for his blog Afroculinaria HERE (scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page). Good luck, Michael!

Kesher Community Picnic
Shoup Park, Los Altos, August 21, 2016

Join us at this free event for great activities, sweet prizes, free Kosher food, and fun for all ages! Come visit the Be'chol Lashon booth.

JIMENA: Mizrahi Kabbalat Shabbat at Urban Adamah
6:30PM-8:00PM, 1050 Parker Street Berkeley, , August 19, 2016

Join JIMENA and Wilderness Torah this Shabbat at Urban Adamah. Music and prayers will be co-led by JIMENA musician and storyteller, Dror Sinai and Wilderness Torah.

The 3rd Annual Desi*Comedy Fest *South Asian
 Various locations, August 11-21, 2016

San Francisco, CA... Bay Area-based Indian-born comedians, Samson Koletkar and Abhay Nadkarni, will present The 3rd Annual Desi Comedy Fest, an 11-day stand up comedy extravaganza taking place at comedy clubs and theaters in 9 cities throughout Northern California (Click to see schedule)

Rivka Amado & Musicians: An Evening of Sephardic Music and Piyyutim
Congregation B'nai Shalom Walnut Creek, CA, September 11, 2016

Rivka Amado, PhD, is a lecturer, musician, and yoga teacher who specialized in Judeo-Spanish music, culture and history. She focuses on Sephardic women's songs and spiritual expression.

JCRC: Town Halls on Racial Justice in September

Come hear from subject matter experts on this critical issue at our latest #LearningForChange Town Hall on Race and Voting Rights and engage in our consensus building process through real-time polling.

Namaste & Welcome: A Magical Jewish India Tour
November 3, 2016

Led by Be'chol Lashon Speaker, Rahel Musleah, who was born in Calcutta, your travels will reveal the intriguing history and culture of India's distinctive Jewish communities: Bombay, Cochin, Calcutta, and Delhi. The next two tours are scheduled for Nov. 3-17, 2016, and Feb. 9-23, 2017.

Trip to Cuba: Celebrate Jewish Culture
March 1, 2017

You are invited to be part of the first public Celebration of Jewish Culture in Cuba, led by Be'chol Lashon speaker Dr. Ruth Behar! This promises to be a landmark event bringing together art, theater, music, dance, and literature.