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JewAsian Fireside Conversation & Shavuot Celebration

Temple Emanu-El, San Francisco, 7:00pm - 9:00pm, May 30, 2017
On the evening of May 30th we will observe the festival of Shavuot, which celebrates matan Torah, the giving of Torah at Mt. Sinai and the spring harvest in the land of Israel. It is traditional on this evening for communities to gather for a Tikun Leil Shavuot, an evening of communal learning, and we are so excited that this year, we will feature Helen Kiyong Kim and Noah Samuel Leavitt , the authors of JewAsian-- Race, Religion, and Identity for American's Newest Jews.

Shavuot Dinner starts at 5:45 pm.
Register for the dinner here.
Come join our Shavuot Service at 6:15 pm in the Chapel.

JewAsian is a qualitative examination of the intersection of race, religion and ethnicity in the increasing number of households that are Jewish American and Asian American. Helen Kiyong Kim and Noah Samuel Leavitt's book, JewAsian - Race, Religion and Identity for American's Newest Jews explores the larger social dimensions of intermarriages to explain how these particular unions reflect not only the identity of married individuals but also the communities to which they belong. Using in-depth interviews with couples and the children of Jewish American and Asian American marriages, Kim and Leavitt's research sheds much-needed light on the everyday lives of these partnerships and how their children negotiate their own identities in the twenty-first century.

In 2010 approximately 15 percent of all new marriages in the United States were between spouses of different racial, ethnic, or religious backgrounds, raising increasingly relevant questions regarding the multicultural identities of new spouses and their offspring. Join us as Rabbi Ryan Bauer interviews Helen Kim and Noah Leavitt on their new book and their new findings; what does this mean for our interracial Jewish community?

Please register and come attend to what is sure to be a fascinating evening!