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Be’chol Lashon

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Sefarad Beiteinu (, January 25, 2009
"On January 29 at the Archeological Museum of Lorca (Spain) an Exhibit called "Lorca, The Lights of Sefardad (The Hebrew word for Spain)" will open. The Secretary General of the Spanish Foreign Ministry's organization Casa Sefarad-Israel will join local dignitaries for the event. "Lorca, Lights of Sefarad" includes some of the most significant finds from the Jewish Quarter of Lorca, original documents from the archives of the city of Lorca and the surrounding Murcia region, reproductions from the National Historical Archives, and artifacts from Roman times from nearby coastal cities. The artifacts and documents are organized into five areas according to the themes of the exhibit: The Jews of Spain: from their origins until their expulsion; Lorca's role as a border city between the Christian and Muslim civilizations; The Jewish Quarter of Lorca; Hanukkah, the festival of lights; and the synagogue of Lorca. One of the major attractions of the exhibit are audiovisual presentations which include the virtual reconstruction of the Jewish quarter and the synagogue. Among the objects exhibited are plaster decorations for the Holy Ark (Aron Hakodesh), 20 glass lamps that illuminated the building, tiles, ceramic objects that represent the daily life in the Middle Ages, different fragments of Hanukkiot, lamps used to commemorate the Jewish festival of Hanukkah, as well as manuscripts that record the activities of the Jews that formed part of society in Lorca during the 15th Century. The majority of the archeological artifacts are unpublished and will be shown for the first time to the public in the "Lorca, Lights of Sefarad" exhibit." -From the Website of the Sefarad Beiteinu ("Spain, Our Home") Foundation, sponsor of the event.
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