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"Jewtinos" Get their own Clothing Line

Maegan La Mala,, December 31, 2008

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"Jewtinos", people of Latino and Jewish origin, aren't a huge demographic for marketers, and therefore the door is left wide open for those looking to cater to customers wanting specialized products that represent this ethnicity and/or faith combination. Enter Adriana Lopez, founder of the new clothing line Jewtina, who is making clothes that reflect Latino Jewish culture.

"I'm very proud to be Jewish and also to be Latina, but I never found anything anywhere that allowed me to express both of these sentiments," Lopez told EFE. Born in Los Angeles, the fruit of a marriage between a Colombian father and a Mexican mother, both of Jewish descent, Lopez said she felt the need to creat something that would distinguish people like her.

"I always joked, telling people that I was Jewtina, and one day my husband, who's Cuban, told me I should register the brand and I did, said the 35 year-old businesswoman.

Adriana sees opportunity in this market, not only in the U.S. but also throughout Latin America, in countries with sizable Jewish populations, such as Argentina and Brasil.
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