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Union of Jewish Congregations of
Latin America and the Caribbean

13th Annual Conference

January 25-29

Guadalajara, Mexico

Rabbi Juan Mejia and Rabbi Ruth Abusch-Magder joined rabbis and leaders from around the world to participate in the 13th annual Union of Jewish Congregations of Latin America and the Caribbean in Guadalajara, Mexico.
The Union strives to preserve the continuity of Judaism in the region by giving a voice to all the small Jewish communities in Latin America and the Caribbean. Often isolated, they face multiple challenges to survival inherent to micro communities.The Union includes both Masorti (Conservative) rabbis and Progressive (Reform) rabbis, as well as congregations that have traditionally followed Spanish/Portuguese traditions. The ability to come together across all the diversity of approaches to Judaism is one of the incredible strengths of the UJCL.

The Union supports the basic principles of Judaism and concentrates its efforts in the education of the youth so that its children receive the incredible richness of the Jewish heritage. Since its inception, the UJCL has created camps and retreats for youth and young adults and succeeded in strengthening the ties of the next generation with each other and to Jewish life.

Rabbis Mejia and Abusch-Magder were impressed by the diversity of the approaches to Judaism that come together in the UJCL. "It is a model for the rest of the Jewish world," said Rabbi Abusch-Magder. "We are grateful to Rabbi Joshua Kullock and the leadership of the UJCL for including us in this inspiring gathering."


Rabbi Ruth