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My Magic Carpet

Siona BenjaminMy Magic Carpet: Recent Works by Siona Benjamin

September 15- November 5, 2011

Flomenhaft Gallery

547 West 27th Street, Suite 200, NYC

The Flomenhaft Gallery is proud to present Siona Benjamin's newest and very inspired paintings, photographs and constructions, and with this exhibit we officially welcome her back from a four month trip to India on a Fulbright Fellowship.


Like Orpheus, Benjamin has traveled near and far both physically and emotionally before returning to Mumbai, where she was born. Growing up in India she was a member of the Jewish Bene Israel group that settled there at least nine generations ago. As a child she was pulled from her roots of necessity. She was educated in Catholic and Zoroastrian schools because they offered the best education. Ever since, hers has been a voyage of self discovery, to find a way most meaningful to her.

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