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Media Coverage

Op-Ed: Why We Encourage Body Talk at Camp Be'chol Lashon

Diane Tobin, Forward, September 28, 2014

Judaism has never shied away from the complex. On the contrary, our tradition teaches us to take on the complicated. As our children embark on a new school year, let us empower and enable them to engage thoughtfully. Let's work together to open spaces and encourage skills that allow for healthy and productive conversations about difficult topics.

Where Jews of color go to ‘feel normal’ at summer camp

Rebecca Spence, JTA, August 18, 2014

Nestled in the misty hills of Marin County, the northern California camp is the country's only Jewish sleepaway camp geared to Jews of color. Camp Be'chol Lashon has a markedly different mandate than most Jewish camps.

‘Magical’ teacher wins one of four educator awards

Emma Silvers, JWeekly, May 30, 2013

Kenny Kahn, the award winner in the informal education category, puts his personal experiences of growing up African American and Jewish into his work as the associate director of Camp Be'chol Lashon in West Marin, where he aims to educate children on the multiplicity of Jewish identities, communities and cultures that exist worldwide.

Congratulations to Kenny Kahn, winner of the prestigious 2013 Diller Award for Excellence in Informal Jewish Education


El Cerrito High School football coach and English teacher Kenny Kahn is this year's recipient of the Helen Diller Award for Excellence in Jewish Education.

Prayer, and Bug Juice, at a Summer Camp for Jews of Color

Samuel G. Freedman, The New Times, August 12, 2011

Camp Be'chol Lashon ("In Every Tongue") here in the hills of Marin County about 35 miles north of San Francisco, has provided the commonplaces of Jewish summer camp, right down to poison oak and bug juice, to an emerging population of Jews of color.

Camp mirrors a girl's diverse Jewish biography

Johanna Ginsberg, New Jersey Jewish News, August 17, 2011

"I was looking for a camp for Beza that would be an inclusive camp where she would not feel different because she is black and Jewish..." When they heard about Camp Be'chol Lashon, a multicultural Jewish camp in California, they jumped. This year's participants included campers from a variety of backgrounds, including African–American, Chinese, Brazilian, and Ethiopian.

Adding a Little Color to Summer Camp

Steven Philip, Moment Magazine, August 24, 2011

According to a New York Times article, Be'chol Lashon—which translates to "In Every Tongue" —has done in two short years what many Jewish communities have failed to accomplish: make the Jewishness of Jews of color a statement of fact, rather than a question.

Keeping One Foot in Each World

Hannah Lee, Live Journal, August 24, 2011

My conviction is that the only heritages that matter are the ones that you honor by your values and the customs you maintain.